Student evaluations are an important source of feedback. While I am pleased and proud to share the positives, I give careful consideration to the negatives as well.

Western Michigan University

Existentialist Philosophers, Spring 2015

“I honestly was not looking forward to this class, and took it purely because it fit into my schedule and completed my minor during my last semester. It ended up being a pleasure. I am very glad I was able to take this course.”
“I loved the course and think it would be awesome to take a course whose nature and topic was designed and chosen by Paul. Paul deserves a raise or promotion or something, because he is one of the best teachers I have had at Western.”
“I’m glad I got to take another one of your classes before I graduated. I know I laughed in there everyday, and I was always philosophically engaged there’s no better blend in a class.”

“I like powerpoints. I also think having a week to do the tests as opposed to 4 days would be very beneficial. It was very hard to find time to provide a thorough and well drafted response in allotted time.”

“I did talk to a guy that dropped the class and he mentioned that the first readings (Kant, Hume, Descartes) were a little overwhelming. I think its necessary to begin with those, but maybe stress the fact that those readings will be some of the more challenging ones. But I kind of recall you saying something like that and getting us excited about Steppenwolf and The Trial.”

Professional Ethics, Fall 2014

“His knowledge was over the top, he made the class fun and friendly.”
“This course was one of the best I have taken at WMU. Instructor was VERY good and the subject matter was riveting.”

Biomedical Ethics, Spring 2013

“The professor was very engaging and made the class very interesting. He was very knowledgeable and explained things to the best of his ability. Whenever he found additional information that was applicable to what we had learned he sent it to us.”
“Instructor is passionate and knowledgeable about material.”
“Great class! I love debates so I thought it was pretty cool that multiple view points were presented on each topic discussed in lecture. I certainly did not feel like you tried to push an opinion one way or another and you raised a lot of good questions to get the students thinking.”
“Doesn’t rely on technology to present the information during class. I really appreciate that.”
“He has experience with teaching the class, and he seemed like he was genuinely interested in the class. I liked that he tried to talk about all of the philosophers in the readings and that he let us out a little early.”
“This class is wonderful, and the instructor has a unique ability to discuss controversial topics in a way that’s very conducive to learning.”

“I had absolutely no idea how hard this elective 3000-level philosophy class would be without any previous philosophy classes. At one point the instructor asked my lecture of 100+ students how many has ever had a philosophy class before this one and less than 10 people raised their hands. The material in the class would seem to require knowledge of philosophical arguments styles and theories in order to really succeed, yet there are no prerequirements for this upper level class. I am leaving this class with the feeling that it was a complete waste of my time and money.”