To see information from the previous five years, hover over the word “Teaching” in the bar above and click on any semester for information about my courses that term.

A more complete history of my teaching includes the following:

Western Michigan University

Spring 2015: Existentialist Philosophies; Ethics/Non-Human Personhood; Race And Gender Issues

Fall 2014: Biomedical Ethics; Race And Gender Issues; Professional Ethics

Spring 2014: Race And Gender Issues; Biomedical Ethics

Fall 2013: Biomedical Ethics; Professional Ethics

Spring 2013: Race And Gender Issues; Biomedical Ethics; Professional Ethics

Fall 2012: Biomedical Ethics; Medical Humanities; Professional Ethics

Summer 2012: Professional Ethics

Spring 2012: Phil/Public Affairs; Biomedical Ethics

Fall 2011: Biomedical Ethics; The Modern Worldview

Spring 2011: Biomedical Ethics; The Modern Worldview

Fall 2010: Biomedical Ethics; The Modern Worldview

Summer 2010: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Spring 2010: Intro To Philosophy; Biomedical Ethics

Fall 2009: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Summer 2009: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Spring 2009: Biomedical Ethics; The Modern Worldview

Fall 2008: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Summer 2008: Professional Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Spring 2008: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Fall 2007: Biomedical Ethics; Biomedical Ethics

Summer 2007: The Modern Worldview

Spring 2007: Intro To Philosophy; The Modern Worldview; Independent Study

Fall 2006: Intro To Ethics; Biomedical Ethics; Independent Study

Summer 2006: The Modern Worldview; Independent Study

Spring 2006: Intro To Ethics; Race And Gender Issues

Fall 2005: Intro To Ethics; The Modern Worldview