Spring 2014 WMU


In this course, the ethical principles (respect for autonomy, non maleficence, beneficence justice) and other ethical concerns (e.g. privacy, confidentiality, compassion, relationships among patients and professionals) are studied and applied to contemporary problems in medicine and biomedical research. These problems include genetic testing and therapy; organ transplantation; decision-making regarding treatment and care at the end of life; research involving human subjects; and treatment issues in the AIDS epidemic. Case study methods are used.
Credits: 4 hours
This course satisfies General Education Area VII: Natural Science and Technology: Applications and Implications.
3340 Syllabus Spring 2014

Race and Gender Issues (PHIL 3150)

A philosophical examination of principles and values underlying contemporary social issues involving race, gender, and related concepts. Topics include: identity, equality/inequality, equity, harassment, prejudice, discrimination, affirmative action.
Credits: 3 hours
This course satisfies General Education Area III: The United States: Cultures and Issues.
3150 Syllabus Spring 2014